Wycliffe Bible Translators

DAY 31

A Framework for Success

Housing the work of Bible translation

Worldwide, whether it’s the challenge of updating or maintaining regional office facilities, constructing village homes for translators, creating clean-water collection systems, repairing generators, or even designing and clearing new airstrips, specially trained personnel are on the job. Wycliffe Associates has dozens of construction projects working through the various stages of planning, design, engineering, and construction. And with each project, they lighten the load for translation teams, giving them more time to translate God’s Word.

  • Praise God for dedicated personnel and volunteers, often working hand-in-hand with local citizens, who help see that many challenges on the field related to necessary facilities are met so that the translation work can continue moving forward.
  • Pray for the safety of construction teams around the globe.
  • Pray for God’s provision for each project so that they are completed well within the parameters set for time and budget.
  • Praise God for 1.6 million American Christians who are contributing in labor annually as they travel to remote areas of the world on short-term mission “vacations with a purpose.”

 Learn more about the opportunities to serve in construction ministry and view a list of current projects

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