Wycliffe Bible Translators

DAY 33

The Consultant Gap

Facing a shortage of translation consultants

Consultant* checking is a requirement for every translation, and currently there is a growing gap between the number of consultants available and the number of Bible translations in need of checking. Bible agencies are already behind on checking translations done under their auspices; in many cases Scripture can be drafted and revised faster than it can be checked. Wycliffe and its partners agree this is an enormous problem, one that will only get bigger as we scale up for Vision 2025.

  • The consultant gap is one recognized by all the Bible agencies. Ask God to bless Bible agencies and translation organizations with creativity to determine new ways to bring on consultants—to find and fund them. Pray that program leaders will have the eyes to recognize the consultants God has called.

Learn how national translators can help bridge the consultant gap in this video.


*Consultant: An advisor with special skills—such as expertise in the original Hebrew or Greek, and/or broader background and experience—who reviews the draft. The consultant discusses the translation verse-by-verse with the translators, shares how problem passages have been handled by others, and advises on general aspects of the text.

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