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Wycliffe in the USA

Wycliffe USA is part of a U.S. “family of organizations”—all vested in Bible translation, all committed to Vision 2025, and all poised to connect individuals and churches in the U.S. with the Bible translation movement.


Wycliffe USA (Est. 1942) Wycliffe.jpg

Wycliffe is passionate about seeing all the peoples of the earth have the Bible in the language they understand best. The work of Wycliffe brings the Word of God (through translation) and the living Church (through Christ's followers who commit themselves to the work) into a language community. When God's Spirit, God's Church and God's Word reside and work together, God's glory brings transformation.

Wycliffe USA serves the Bible translation movement by connecting resources with opportunities. The challenges and opportunities of Bible translation provide specific prayer points for each person who chooses to participate as an intercessor. People who are called to serve find guidance, training and support through Wycliffe, as they move into ministry. Those who have been blessed with financial resources can invest strategically and confidently through Wycliffe by funding either specific missionary ministries or specific projects.

In order to more effectively accomplish the things we've been called to do, Wycliffe has established two subsidiary organizations whose focused purposes allow them to participate uniquely in what we do.


The Wycliffe Seed Company (Est. 1991) Seed Company Logo

The mission of the Wycliffe Seed Company is to creatively network God’s people around the world to translate the Bible into every language for His glory. By bringing the resources of Christians to the needs of translators, partnerships develop that result in effective translation efforts.

The Seed Company projects are clearly defined in terms of time, cost and results. Linguistic and technical training are provided. Translated Scripture is checked for clarity and accuracy. Close ties of accountability are established. Supporting partners share in the struggles and successes of the project.


Wycliffe Foundation (Est. 2002) Wfoundation.jpg

The Wycliffe Foundation is a ministry of gift planning that supports our partners in global Bible translation efforts. These partners include Wycliffe USA, JAARS, SIL International, the Wycliffe Seed Company and the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics. The Foundation offers opportunities for people to support Bible translation, linguistics training and literacy efforts now and after their lifetimes using financial instruments such as wills, trusts and annuities.

The Foundation's staff includes gift planning professionals who assist in facilitating stewardship opportunities, helping connect people spiritually and financially to the mission of Bible translation.


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Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc. is an interdenominational, non-sectarian, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit mission organization,
and a charter member of the ECFA.

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