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The Wycliffe USA Board of Directors

To maintain accountability, Wycliffe USA elects a board of directors that consists of not only Wycliffe personnel, but also pastors, business people, educational leaders and others who have been involved in the work of Bible translation.

Those selected to serve on the board must demonstrate Christian character and enthusiastically support the work of Bible translation. Using their ability to think strategically and work creatively, the board sets the direction for Wycliffe USA. The president of Wycliffe USA, Bob Creson, working with the Senior Leadership Team, is responsible for meeting these goals.

Dr. David Dean

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer: Dean International, Inc.

“If you consider that Christ is the answer to all of our problems and is the way to life eternal and salvation on earth, then Bible translation and presenting the Word in people’s heart language becomes more important than most anything.”

Tom Lin

Vice Chairperson
VP of Missions and Director of Urbana for IV Christian Fellowship

“I worked in Mongolia, a country that, prior to 2000, did not have the entire Scriptures in its own language. When the full Scriptures were translated and became available to the people, the growth of the church increased like never before. Thousands were saved and committed their lives to Jesus within the first few years. I owe much gratitude to those who worked so hard to translate the Scriptures into Mongolian, because without them, I would not have been able to share the gospel with the Mongolians.”

Dr. Larry Jones

Board Member
Senior Vice President of Field Programs: The Seed Company

“The Word of God is powerful to change human hearts and to change communities for the glory of God. I am passionate to bring these blessings to the ‘least of these,’ the minority language communities of the earth. Lord willing, may it be in this generation.”

Atul Tandon

Board Member
Founder and CEO, The Tandon Institute

“We have an obligation, as Christians, to present the Scriptures to all people so they get an opportunity to know, to understand, to learn and respond to God’s call. Wycliffe is one of God’s great instruments to equip us to respond that call.”

Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil

Board Member
President and Founder: Salter McNeil & Associates

"On the day of Pentecost in Acts, chapter two, people from all over the known world heard the Word of God in their mother tongue. I believe this demonstrates that the Church was always intended to be a multiethnic, multilingual and multinational community that is called together by the Word of God."

Gary Cowman

Board Member
Regional Director: SIL Eastern and Southern Africa

“I see Bible translation as a key part of God’s mission, and it’s foundational for the many ministries working with minority language communities.”

Chip Sanders

Board Member
Director of Language Program Services:SIL International

Jesus said, “When someone has been given much, much will be required in return.”  I believe that applies to having the Scriptures in a language and form that is accessible and to having language and educational resources in general.  Since we have so much, shouldn’t we have a desire to see others enriched in the same ways?

José Antonio de Dios

Board Member
Director for the Americas: Wycliffe Global Alliance

"It’s exciting that we are so close to accomplishing Vision 2025. God is not only calling us TO every nation, every tribe, and every tongue to do this, He is calling us FROM every nation, every tribe, and every tongue. And I believe that we must accomplish this together.”

Dr. Deborah Hatfield

Board Member
International Sociolinguistic Consultant, SIL International

Deborah Hatfield currently serves as Language Programs Coordinator for SIL Africa Area, Francophone Region. Having worked in Bible translation for more than twenty years, she has extensive experience in language survey, program planning, training, and partnership facilitation.

Cheryl Martin

Board Member
Host: Excellent Living radio program

“What makes me passionate about Bible translation is the difference the Word of God has made in my life,” Cheryl said. “It is active. It is living. It is life transforming.”

Bishop Claude Richard Alexander, Jr.

Board Member
Pastor, The Park Church

“In chapter two of the book of Acts, when the apostles are filled with the Holy Spirit, they speak about the wonderful works of God in different tongues. They hear the Word of God in their own language. That is the work of Wycliffe—taking the Word of God throughout the world and enabling people to hear it in their own language. There is nothing more exciting than that opportunity.”

Dr. Julie Shimer

Board Member
Retired Business Executive

“I love the Word of God and I have a real affinity for the mission of Wycliffe and the goal of having all people have Scripture in their own heart language.”

Larry Cheng

Board Member
Managing Partner: Volition Capital

“I believe Bible translation is such a unique ministry because it is so strategic. You translate the Word once into a heart language for a community and it lasts forever for that community—persistently having eternal impact. I don’t think there’s really any ministry quite like that.”

Pat Miersma

Board Member
SIL International: Counseling Coordinator

Jesus taught that we live from the heart (Matt. 12:33-35) which can be transformed by God's Word (Heb. 4:12). Perhaps nowhere is this truer than with people who have suffered. No trauma is beyond the miraculous healing power of God, working through His Word in heart languages to bring about healing, forgiveness, compassion, transformation and sustainable peace.

Paul Brown

Board Member
President: First Midstate Inc.

Bible translation is an integral part of fulfilling the Great Commission and helps facilitate the presentation of the Gospel message to people in their heart language. Wycliffe has a unique sense of urgency and ability to collaborate with other ministries to accomplish the mission to which they have been called

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