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Wycliffe USA Leaders

Wycliffe USA leaders have a passion for the glory of God through the translation of His Word for all peoples of the earth in the language they know best.

Women and men who provide leadership in the Bible translation movement, to meet the needs of Vision 2025, are characterized by very specific attitudes, skills, and knowledge.

Effective leadership grows out of particular attitudes toward God, others, self, and the structures in which we serve. Wycliffe USA’s leaders have confidence in the sovereignty of God and a profound respect for others, demonstrated through service to all, a life of integrity, and passion for accomplishing the vision of Bible translation.

Wycliffe USA’s leadership team, under the direction of the president and CEO, applies biblical principles and values as they work together to make decisions and solve problems.


Russ Hersman


Chief Operations Officer


Russ Hersman says, “Lynda and I joined Wycliffe in 1976 with the goal of providing the Scriptures for one Bibleless people group somewhere in the world. That took us to the Toposa of southern Sudan, where we began the Toposa translation project. We only got that project underway when God moved us into administrative work, where our gifts were more suited.

“Little did we know then that the approach to the translation work would change radically over the next twenty years. By the time we left Africa in 1999, the Toposa project was being run by a Toposa man with a master’s degree in Bible and translation studies, and we had had the privilege of impacting dozens of language groups instead of only one.

“One of our proudest moments was receiving a certificate of appreciation from the Tira community for our work on their behalf. While we can speak no words of Tira, nor have we translated anything for them, through our support and encouragement the Tira received their New Testament.”

Russ Hersman was appointed the Chief Operations Officer of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA in 2012, giving leadership to the Executive Team. The team is tasked with leading the organization in mobilizing prayer, people and funds for the greatest acceleration of Bible translation the Church has ever witnessed. Previously he was Senior Vice President for seven years and spent five years in the Personnel department, first as the personnel administrator for the Pacific and Eurasia Areas and then as the director.

During the twenty-one-year sojourn in Africa, Russ acted as linguist/translator, office manager, support services manager, and branch director, in addition to serving several terms on the executive committees in Sudan and Kenya. He has also served on Wycliffe USA’s Board, Wycliffe Associates’ Board, and the Missio Nexus Board of Directors (formerly known as the Evangelical Foreign Mission Association).

Russ has been married to Lynda since 1972. They have been faithfully commissioned and supported by Lake City Community Church of Lakewood, Washington, since the beginning.

Russ and Lynda have three adult children: Pam (married to Matt), Erik (married to Rinnie), and Amy. They also have seven grandchildren and three dogs, all of whom are doted on accordingly.

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