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Wycliffe USA Leaders

Wycliffe USA leaders have a passion for the glory of God through the translation of His Word for all peoples of the earth in the language they know best.

Women and men who provide leadership in the Bible translation movement, to meet the needs of Vision 2025, are characterized by very specific attitudes, skills, and knowledge.

Effective leadership grows out of particular attitudes toward God, others, self, and the structures in which we serve. Wycliffe USA’s leaders have confidence in the sovereignty of God and a profound respect for others, demonstrated through service to all, a life of integrity, and passion for accomplishing the vision of Bible translation.

Wycliffe USA’s leadership team, under the direction of the president and CEO, applies biblical principles and values as they work together to make decisions and solve problems.


Bob Creson


President and CEO


Bob Creson says, “When my wife, Dallas, and I started with Wycliffe twenty-nine years ago, we signed up for Bible translation because of the impact of God’s Word in our own lives. There were people in the world who couldn’t understand the Bible and they had a right to have access to it. I believe there is nothing God cannot expresses in the language people use every day—their mother tongue. And when He speaks, He becomes a part of their culture…no longer a foreign God. This is the privilege we have in Wycliffe: introducing people to a God who not only speaks their language, but also knows them intimately…to the very depth of who they are…and wants a relationship with them.”

Bob was appointed president of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA in May of 2003. Since first joining the international work of Wycliffe in 1983, he has served in a variety of positions including leadership roles in Wycliffe Bible Translators International and SIL International, Wycliffe’s primary partner organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Bob served as the field director in Cameroon and Chad, West Africa, international field director for SIL International, international vice president for personnel, and as member of the Board of Directors of SIL. He currently serves on the board of Wycliffe Global Alliance.

Bob also serves as chairman of the board for Crisis Consulting International (CCI). CCI serves the missions community worldwide, by assessing and reducing risk for missionaries. He is also active on the executive committee of the Forum of Bible Agencies, North America— an association of Bible agencies and organizations committed to promoting the love and use of Scripture.

Bob attended Pepperdine University and pursued graduate studies in business management at California Lutheran College, and graduate studies in linguistics at the University of Oklahoma (Norman) and at the University of Texas at Arlington.

He has been married to his wife, Dallas, since 1973. They have four adult children: Emily (married to Paul), Scott (married to Sarah), Jeff, and Tim. They also have one grandchild.

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