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"The ongoing work of evangelizing the world, especially the unreached people groups where there is presently no church or witness, is a primary responsibility of Christians everywhere. There is no volume of which I know that will inform, inspire, and motivate Christians for world evangelism like the Perspectives course.... It will stretch your mind, warm your heart, and stir your will." - Billy Graham
"We are amazed! By now thousands of students are telling us this course is a superb way to know what God is up to on this planet, and to find one's place within that spectacular new perspective." - Ralph Winter
"If I had my way, every believer would take this course." - Peter Wagner

PERSPECTIVES on the World Christian Movement

perspectiveslogo-120.jpgSeeing the big picture of what God is doing...and getting in step!

You can participate in Perspectives through either an onsite setting or an online setting. Take a look at the locations and times they're offered.

What is Perspectives?

Perspectives is a dynamic study program of 15 sessions, designed to educate God's people to what He is doing in the world today. This unique course, developed by the U.S. Center for World Mission, exposes participants to a different speaker in each session.

  • BIBLICAL: What is the definitive theme of Scripture and its ultimate purpose?
  • HISTORICAL: How has the church grown from culture to culture since its birth in Jerusalem?
  • CULTURAL: How can we learn to communicate the Gospel in a culturally sensitive manner?
  • STRATEGIC: What is God's paramount goal and how can we use our personal resources to cooperate effectively with it?

Who Will Be Taking This Course?

  • Students and couples who have expressed an interest in pursuing missions.
  • Missionaries in training.
  • Experienced missionaries from various fields and differing ministries.
  • Leaders, pastors and ministry directors, as well as believers, young and old, who want to be World Christians.
  • Students in both university and high school who are interested in being part of what God is doing in the world.

Your life is shaped by your perspective of the world...

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