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February 2012
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Faith Comes By Hearing is one of Wycliffe Bible Translators’ most valued partners. Wycliffe is committed to translating Scripture into the heart language of every people group on earth, and we want to see those translations impacting lives. When Wycliffe translators and their local colleagues complete a New Testament translation, a team from Faith Comes By Hearing travels to that region and works with local speakers to record an audio version of the New Testament. An Audio Bible in the heart langauge has a profound impact on the people group:

God’s Word is Accessible to Everyone

Using New Testaments translated by Wycliffe personnel and their local colleagues, Faith Comes By Hearing Audio Bibles have the potential to change thousands of lives. Audio Scriptures make God’s Word available to everyone—whether or not they can read. And with the use of the Proclaimer, an amazing audio listening device, listening groups can form wherever people need to hear God’s Word, whether they are in a building or even under a shade tree in a remote village. In some cases, Faith Comes By Hearing listening groups have even grown into churches.

People Can Understand God’s Word

For those in cultures in which they have used oral communication for centuries, Audio Scriptures make God’s Word clearer and easier to understand than a printed Bible could. In addition, Audio Scriptures encourage people to listen to God’s Word in groups, which provide the opportunity to discuss what they have heard. These discussions are often the tool that leads the people to ask questions and learn how God’s Word applies to their lives.

Lives are Changed for Eternity

Because God’s Word has the power to transform lives, we hear reports like the one below, not only from Kenya where this evangelist works, but also from everywhere people are listening to God’s Word in their heart language:

The [Audio Bible] is transforming church members. It is the most exciting and motivating thing to listen to the Bible in our local language. Hearing Jesus speak in our own language is convincing.

Will you join us today to bring God's Word to those who need to hear it by helping us fund Audio Bible recordings in 18 African languages?
Project Information
Your gift will help fund audio Scripture for 18 African languages. Total amount needed is $271,016.
This project is 0 percent funded.

To read more stories from Faith Comes By Hearing projects in Africa, click here.

To hear dramatized, audio Scripture in English please press play on the player below.

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