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“We support a number of nonprofit organizations, but when it comes to Bible translation, we choose Wycliffe.  With a professional, culturally sensitive approach to their work, and a track record of leadership in their field, we know that Wycliffe will use our gifts wisely.”
Norman Hahn
Chairman, Conestoga Wood Specialties of East Earl, Pennsylvania

Non-Cash Gifts

Whether you're an individual or corporation, you can donate items you are not using to benefit Bible translation. Some items can be used directly on the field, while others can be resold. The money from the resale can be given to the ministry of a specific Wycliffe staff member or project, or it can be given to Wycliffe’s Worldwide Projects Fund.

JoesPhone.jpgCell Phones

Your church, small group or family can support Bible translation and protect the environment by recycling old cell phones.

To learn more, click here.


Through a partnership with Integrity Communications, Wycliffe receives charitable dollars for electronics donated, regardless of age or condition. This includes iPods, iPads, tablets, laptops, other computers and more.

To get started, click here.

Any Item Valued Over $75

This includes jewelry, collectibles, stocks, real estate, excess inventory, equipment and more. We can sell your item to fund Bible translation. To donate, contact wade_remer@wycliffe.org or call 1-800-Wycliffe (ext 3894).

Cars, Boats, or RVs

Your donated vehicles help support Bible translation in two ways: the cars can be used as corporate fleet vehicles or we sell the cars and use the funds to support Bible translation.

For more information, go to Wycliffe’s Auto Donation page or
call 866-332-1778.


If you have questions, please contact wade_remer@wycliffe.org or call 1-800-Wycliffe (ext 3894).

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