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“If you want to keep people subjugated, the last thing you place in their hands is a Bible. There's nothing more radical, nothing more revolutionary, nothing more subversive against injustice and oppression than the Bible.”

—Archbishop Desmond Tutu


Wycliffe is CFC #11737   

About CFC

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the world's largest annual workplace charity campaign, raising millions of dollars each year for distribution to many eligible charities.


Wycliffe works with more than fifteen hundred language groups around the world, helping to develop writing systems, teach literacy, and translate the Bible and other materials into the language and format they understand best. Many speakers of these minority languages suffer the effects of poverty, war, and oppression, but Wycliffe’s Bible translation and literacy efforts are helping them find freedom and hope, along with the opportunity for peace with God and people. Learn how Scripture brings freedom through the stories of Simon, Roseline. Kéraba and Yunu.


Your CFC donation will be distributed through a general fund, helping Wycliffe support translation and literacy projects. Wycliffe is CFC #11737.

Roseline's Story Simon's Story


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Stories: Roseline’s Story | Simon’s Story | Grabbing Literacy by the Horns | Hope for the Rawa Community

To give directly to Wycliffe, click here.

To give through CFC, federal employees should contact their employer.

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