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There are hundreds of career positions available in Wycliffe. Just about anyone from any vocation can find a job in the task of Bible translation. All of these careers fall into one of three categories.

Member Opportunities (USA and Overseas)

Wycliffe Missionaries

Most roles in Wycliffe are supported "member" positions. Wycliffe members raise their own salaries from individuals, families and churches.


rm_des_1780-GSP-flyer-web-version.jpgGlobal Service Program (GSP)

GSP is a new opportunity for individuals to serve for 1 to 2 years without going through the traditional application process.

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Paid Opportunities (Mostly USA)Woman smiling

Wycliffe has a limited number of paid employment opportunities. Paid staff receive a compensation and benefit package for their work, and are not required to raise support for their ministry. A paid position with Wycliffe offers several advantages to employment elsewhere, including the ability to participate in spreading the gospel through one’s work and the chance to attend spiritually oriented events as part of the workday.



Volunteer Opportunities (USA and Overseas)

Wycliffe Associate Volunteer

The third category is volunteers. Volunteers include “snow birds” that spend their winters helping out in our southern offices, springbreakers who escape the busyness of school and locals who serve in various positions on a weekly basis. Over 400 people volunteer in the U.S. every year, and hundreds more volunteer overseas. All of our volunteers serve through one of our partner organizations, Wycliffe Associates.

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