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Discovery Overseas Internships 2014


 AA4320 Cross-cultural Experience

  • 6/1/2014 - 7/31/2014
  • Cost:   5400.00**
  • Team of 6


Do you want credit from your university or college for attending a Discovery trip? Does your school not offer an internship program?*

Now you can get credit for your Discovery trip.  In partnership with GIAL (www.GIAL.edu) we have created a course that will allow your Discovery trip to provide you undergraduate level credit (see course description here).  To receive credit for your Discovery trip you will need to complete the following steps:

1) Apply and be accepted on a Discovery trip/internship

2) Apply to GIAL and register for course #AA4320 Cross-cultural experience

3) Complete course requirements and Discovery internship

4) Submit all relevant paperwork to GIAL

5) Request your credits be transferred to your current school

We are excited about this opportunity to partner with GIAL to make your Discovery trip another step forward in your journey both educationally and spiritually.  We will work with you to make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible.

*If your school does have an internship program we are happy to work with your coordinator to make sure the Discovery trip fits what you need to receive credit.


** Cost is approximate





  • 6/2/2014 - 7/14/2014
  • Cost:   5400.00**
  • Team of 6

Mozambique Discovery

Mozambique is a rapidly developing country in Southern Africa with some of the least-documented languages on the continent. Bible translation is taking place in more than a dozen languages impacting a population of more than five million speakers. This trip will allow you to make an impact on a Bibleless people group even while you explore how your current skills can be used on the field longer term.  The trip starts with orientation in Nampula and then the team will divide into various locations for a month of ministry internship. Debrief will be back at the training center in Nampula with opportunities to explore some of local highlights like Ilha de Mozambique, the oldest Portuguese fort in Africa located on an island off the coast of Mozambique.

 Team of 6:

  • 2 in Nyungwe language development
  • 2 Linguistics:  Editing of linguistic papers and/or Meetto dictionary work
  • 1 IT/computers
  • 1 school teacher (ESL for young children, kindergarten)

 Possible Schedule:

  • Week 1 orientation in-country
  • Weeks 2-5 internship assignments
  • Week 6 travel & debrief

 Prerequisite:  Speak some Portuguese or Spanish.

**Trip cost includes international travel


** Cost is approximate




 Discovery Papua New Guinea 2014

  • 6/7/2014 - 8/3/2014
  • Cost:   6000.00**
  • Team of 15

• 8 weeks

• Cost is approximate and does not include visa or domestic travel*

 PNG Jungle

Come be a part of what God is doing in the world’s most linguistically diverse nation!  You will learn from and work with both expatriate missionaries and Papua New Guineans.  After 10 days of orientation and language learning, you will serve for four to five weeks in your area of interest - in a language project or a support role.  You will be assigned to stay with a host family and experience living at the mission center and in a village.  You will finish your time with a week of debrief with the team, processing what you've experienced and preparing for your return home. 


Possible language project areas include:

  • Bible translation
  • Literacy
  • Scripture engagement
  • Language survey
  • Anthropology

Possible support areas include:

  • Helping Papua New Guineans with computer training, basic literacy skills, etc.
  • Computer helpdesk or software/hardware tech support
  • Construction/maintenance
  • Graphic arts
  • Business management trainee
  • Clerical/secretarial assistant
  • Aviation mechanic
  • Automotive/motorcycle mechanic
  • Finance/accounting
  • Metal fabricating helper
  • Store inventory control/shipping and receiving
  • Appliance repair
  • Joinery worker
  • Other possibilities exist depending on your skills/interests


• Previous cross-cultural experience (in the US or another country)


*Participants will be required to pay for their own tickets to and from LAX.


** Cost is approximate




 Benin Sign Language Team

  • 6/16/2014 - 7/28/2014
  • Cost:   5400.00**
  • Team of 8

Discovery sign Language

Benin is a place where you will experience God’s hand at work through the spreading of His Word. Ever wonder what goes into a Bible translation program?  It is more than just translation. Well, you will see firsthand how Scripture is being made available for everyone in direct partnership with the local church. The church in Africa has a growing hunger to provide people with Scriptures that they can understand, to minister in local languages, and to contextualize worship.  Plus, YOU can aid in fulfilling the Great Commission for this unreached people groups.

Come see for yourself the kingdom potential of people having access to the Bible in heart languages and a multi-cultural team in action.  This aspect of our work is foundational to the beginning and the continuation of sign language Bible translation projects in Africa.  While getting to know local people, you’ll have opportunities to learn the local languages, study the cultures, and be exposed to different belief systems. There are a variety of ways you may contribute to the work while you’re here, including involvement in an "oral" history project (video).  You will also have opportunities to learn language, culture and use your skills in a program which is just in its formative stages and being led by nationals. Now it’s up to you.  Will you join us?


  •          Sign Languages
  •          Language documentation
  •          Video, photography and editing
  •          Working in partnership with locals
  •          Working with local church and schools
  •          Bible translation
  •          Training
  •          Linguistics
  •          "Oral" history
  •          Anthropology
  •          Sociolinguistics
  •          Dictionary Project


  • Some previous cross-cultural experience (domestic or abroad)
  • Some French or a sign language would be helpful
  • The team to be viable will have to have a majority of people with knowledge of a sign language.  While sign language is not a prerequisite only a limited number of slots on the team can be filled by non-signers. 

 **Dates are approximate and the cost will include international airfare and subsidy for national team participants.


** Cost is approximate




 SE Asia Discovery

  • 6/18/2014 - 8/6/2014
  • Cost:   5250.00**
  • Team of 4

SE Asia Discovery

Approximate cost: TBD

Dates: June 18th - August 6th (7 weeks)

Least reached.  Greatest population.  10/40 Window.  Opportunities in almost everything.  The Gospel’s frontier.  And incredible beauty.  Asia.  Come be a part of laying the foundation here. 

In the Summer of 2014, we will be taking our first Discovery Trip to Southeast Asia, focusing on Thailand with the possibility of nearby countries as well.  This year we will have limited openings, so please pray if God is directing you here.

Possible openings in both language (e.g. linguistics, literacy) and support roles (e.g. IT, administration). 

discovery Asia


Active solid prayer life and walk with God

Ability to work well with people

Previous cross cultural experience preferred, but not required 


** Cost is approximate




 South Asia Tapestry

  • 6/29/2014 - 7/31/2014
  • Cost:   5000.00**
  • Team of 7

Observe and participate in several steps of the Bible Translation process in multiple (South Asian) communities

Trekking in South Asia!

Come and work alongside of South Asians as they demonstrate their crucial step of the Bible translation process.  Traverse the country, while gaining perspectives on Bible storytelling, written-translation, survey work, literacy, and education.

This is a place where every aspect of Wycliffe’s work is represented.  You will get a glimpse of each role and the importance of each as it fits on the road to transformation in people’s lives.  This trip is for those who are interested in Wycliffe and want a first-hand overview of the variety of roles that are needed to get God’s Word to a people group who has never had it before.

 What to expect:

·         Opportunities to learn some of the local language
·         Connect with national leaders and partner organizations of Wycliffe
·         Work along side of national translators
·         Gain appreciation for each phase of a translation project
·         Traveling by train from location to location within a country in South Asia.
·         Serve at each location in a specific way.
 --- Including: English-language instruction, computer classes, administration, organization of translation materials, distribution, etc
·         Literacy, Education
·         Video Production, Video editing [*new!]
·         Written translation
·         Story-translation (oral Bible storytelling)
·         Language survey
·         Anthropology
·         Working in partnership with locals
·         Working with local church and schools
·         Multilingual or mother tongue education/advocacy
·         Sociolinguistics
·         Administration
 ·         Some previous cross-cultural experience (domestic or abroad) is preferred

*Cost is approximate.

*Cost includes international airfare


** Cost is approximate




 Discovery Individual Trip 2014

  • 6/30/2014 - 6/29/2015
  • Cost:   6000.00**
  • Team of 1
  • 4 months to 12 months

Looking for a taste of real life missions? Are you a motivated and self-directed? If your interest is in pursuing a missions career in linguistics and/or Bible translation you will get first hand experience in a language project. For those wanting to use other skills in missions, you will spend time being involved in your area of interest. Possible areas include computers, auto mechanics, teachers, construction, and
The trip begins with orientation in language and culture and ends with approximately a week of debriefing. Prerequisite for all positions is a sincere interest in long-term missions. Some study or background in linguistics, Biblical languages or a serious study of a second language is required for the village assignment phase. 

Here’s the procedure to pursue an individual Discovery trip (4-12 months):

Complete the online Discovery Application, along with a $100 application fee.

3 references are necessary.

A CV is needed in order to go on an individual trip so we know what skills and training you have.  

Phone Interview, 1 hour

Within a few weeks of interview you should know if you are accepted.

Upon acceptance, a $250 deposit is due (non-refundable unless we fail to find a placement for you)

After all the above is complete... we will begin finding your specific placement.

Now your work starts to get ready for the trip: fund/prayer raising, country/culture research, immunizations, visa application, required reading/discussion assignments, etc...

  **Estimated costs vary depending on international airfare, length of trip and location.


** Cost is approximate




 Discovery Communications Internship

  • 7/1/2014 - 6/30/2015
  • Cost:   6000.00**
  • Team of 1

(Communications/Media/Graphic Design internship)

  • 6 months to 12 months
  • Cost TBD*
  • Customized Individual Internships

Be an advocate for communications in missions.  Join us on a trip that will open your eyes to the critical role communications plays in mission work in general, and in Bible translation work in particular.  Discover how communications professionals can use their skills for God’s global kingdom work.

We are looking for people who are willing to experience how communications is used in missions.  Trips will last anywhere between 6 months to 12 months and can be arranged on an individual basis.  If you are interested in going for a shorter amount of time a communication internship can be part of all of our team trips.

What to expect:

  • The Spirit of God to fill you with awe as you witness His work first-hand.
  • Meet dynamic, committed Christians serving in Bible translation and related projects.
  • Use your communication skills to contribute directly to projects; experience how communications serves the missions community.
  • Learn more about how communications is used in a variety of ways to address the problem of Bible poverty.

Positions needed

  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Electronic media 
  • Graphic designers
  • Website design
  • Broadcasting 
  • Film students


  • Significant previous successful cross-cultural experience
  • Course work in graphic design, communications, or media

**Estimated costs vary depending on international airfare, length of trip and location.


** Cost is approximate






*Application fee payable by check to Wycliffe Bible Translators (or WBT) and mailed to address below

Discovery trips fill up on a first applied basis. We encourage you to apply early to save money as well as to avoid disappointment. We do expect trips to be full before our final application deadline of 29th February 2014.

Deadlines & Early Bird Specials

     Applications* received by December 31st: FREE Application fee waived
     Applications* received in January -Application fee only $20
     Applications* received in February -Application fee is $50
     Applications* received after February 29 are considered late: $100 fee applies
     Late application deadline: March 8 2014

  *Full application includes our receipt of 3 references, application fee (if applicable), and passport copy.  Application fee is in addition to the trip cost.

($100 application fee applies to custom individual trips year round)

For more info contact:

Discovery - Wycliffe Bible Translators
10221 Slater Ave.
Suite 219
Fountain Valley CA 92708

Discovery on Facebook!

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