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Global Service Program

GSP is a new opportunity for individuals to serve for one to two years with a shorter application process. This program is ideal for individuals who want to serve for a limited time before making a long term commitment. During your service with GSP you’ll evaluate us, and we’ll evaluate you to see if Wycliffe is a good fit for you. If it is a good fit, you’ll be able to easily move through Wycliffe’s membership process while serving with GSP. The program is also ideal for people who just want to serve for a couple of years and want to get to their service assignment quickly.

Opportunities to Serve

The Global Service Program allows you to serve in a variety of opportunities including Children’s Education, language roles, and non-language or support roles. Search some of Wycliffe’s open positions below (Not all positions will qualify) or contact us at info_gsp@wycliffe.org if you have any questions.

  • Language Education and Development (LEAD)
    LEAD is an initiative of SIL—Wycliffe’s primary strategic partner—that helps communities in Asia to achieve their goals while retaining their language and culture.

    Based in the Philippines, the LEAD Fellows program is a 1–2 year program designed to help future leaders gain hands-on international development experience as they interact with communities confronting social justice issues.

  • Children’s Education
    Opportunities include Teachers, Boarding Home Parents, Tutors, and others.

  • Support Roles
    Administration and Management, Aircraft and Auto Mechanics, Church Relations, Community Development, Construction and Maintenance, Hospitality, IT, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and Public Relations, Media, Medical, Operations and Facilities Supervision, Prayer, and others.

  • Language Roles
    Opportunities include initial Bible Translation, Literacy, Scripture Use, and others as well as programs such as OneStory and Spectrum

 Ready to Apply?

(Must be 18 years old to apply and must be a US citizen or legally able to work in the U.S.)

So, how do you know if you’re ready? Ask yourself these questions:

Am I ready to accept God’s calling to serve others?

Participating regularly in a church or with a body of believers for the purpose of fellowship, worship and biblical teaching is vital in helping you hear God’s calling clearly and begin to follow faithfully.

Do I enjoy fellowship in the body of Christ?

Being able to build and maintain a network of meaningful relationships with those of different doctrinal, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds is important when working closely with others to further God’s work.

Can others see Christ at work in my life?

Applying biblical principles to your life, so that your actions and behaviors reflect the teachings of the Bible, is critical to leading others.

Am I ready to trust God to provide for me financially?

Wycliffe missionaries depend on the Lord to provide for their prayer and financial needs through the involvement of individuals and churches.

Do I have (or am I willing to get) training or experience?

You don't have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe. Bible translation is the task of the whole Church, and everyone can have a part—including you!

Am I ready to begin my assignment within one (1) year of applying to the Global Service Program?

If you are accepted to Wycliffe's Global Service Program you will be expected to be serving in your assignment within one year of completing orientation.


Click here to start step one of our three step application process. 


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