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It’s been 2,000 years since Jesus walked the earth. But millions of people still haven’t heard the story. What would you give for them to get the good news?

How about two to three years?

OneStory gives you the opportunity to participate in this tremendous task. Studies suggest approximately two-thirds of the world’s population prefers to learn and transfer information orally, rather than through printed materials. The ratio is even higher for those who have not yet heard the gospel. These people are oral communicators and learn best by verbal presentations and messages given through stories, music, drama or dance. OneStory meets this challenge with an innovative approach called Chronological Bible Storying.


OneStory -1 to 1

Six organizations, including Wycliffe, Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), Youth With A Mission, Trans World Radio, Pioneers, and The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), have joined together to manage this program called OneStory. We are providing new strategies and resources to enable the completion of the critical task of reaching the remaining Bibleless and unreached people. (check out the partnership website at http://onestory.org/)







The profile of OneStory candidates typically shows someone willing to give 2 to 3 years to this project, people in their 20’s or 30’s who are single or married, and individuals with at least 1 year of post-high-school education. Those One Story - Small Group Kidsaccepted, however, are not limited to this set of criteria. Talk to us if this does not describe you.

Participants in this program engage with members of a people group to provide a set of oral Bible stories with the purpose of changing lives. These learned Bible stories serve as a portion of the Bible in oral form. They become a permanent skill set, to be used any time, anywhere—a powerful evangelistic tool that communicates to multitudes!

(If a OneStory graduate desired to continue into translation or literacy as a specialty area of longer-term service, he/she would need further training.)



As a OneStory participant, you will work with a team and receive training in worldview research and Bible storying. You’ll travel to a people group, explore their lifestyle, learn their stories and cultural traditions, learn their language, and get to know individuals personally. You’ll work alongside mother-tongue speakers to develop this story set to serve as their copy of the gospel. As a OneStory participant, you will have a strong support system, including coaches and consultants, every step of the way. The Bible storying experience is a lot of hard work, but there will also be times of rest and personal spiritual discovery.

What’s the outcome of all this effort? You’ll build relationships, minister as part of a multi-cultural team and produce something of eternal value. An unreached people group will finally have access to the gospel of Christ…And they’ll have it in a medium that communicates best to them. From this foundation, churches can grow, disciples can be made and these people will no longer be unreached!


Get Involved

You can enter the OneStory program through any of the partnering agencies. You don’t need previous missions experience or training to apply. To begin the application process with Wycliffe, fill out the Global Service Program application or contact us at the email below. Whichever agency you apply through, you will need to develop a supporting team to provide for your financial needs.

To find out more, email  gsp-language@wycliffe.org 

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