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Language Work

Making God’s Word accessible includes much more than just strictly translation.

Before translation can take place, people need to study a culture and survey its language. African woman reading a bookFor a language that has never been written, a written form must be developed and taught (in cooperation with the community) before the Bible can be translated. Out of respect for cultures, Scripture-use activities are developed so people can encounter the Bible in a way that is most meaningful to them, whether this means using indigenous music, drama or other forms of traditional communication.
Whatever their role, language workers can effect positive change in lives, in communities and even in nations. Their ministry goes beyond the boundaries of denomination, of culture and of time itself. The benefits they bring to others are both practical (making lives better here on earth right now) and spiritual (transforming souls for eternity).


Interested in language work?

Attend TOTAL IT Up! or TOTAL Vision and get a taste of translation and linguistics.

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