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"Now we don't borrow foreign music; we make our own songs to praise God! Now we know that God wants to hear the music that is most meaningful to us."—Mamprusi pastor, Ghana

Ethnomusicology and Arts Consultants

If you love performing, are interested in cross-cultural research and want to see Scripture reach every culture, God may want you to work as an arts consultant with Wycliffe.

Wycliffe is expanding its work in ethnomusicology to include other performing arts along with music. Arts consultants work alongside local musicians, dancers, actors and storytellers to spark the creation of new songs, dances, dramas and stories that communicate God's message in powerful ways.

Watch the following videos to learn about the work of an arts consultant and see it in action.

Are you interested in becoming an arts consultant? 

Email artsconsultant@wycliffe.org or talk with us for more information.

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Want to know more about being an arts consultant? The International Council of Ethnodoxologists has a website with great information.  (Some areas require a membership fee.)

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