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Vernacular Media

People dancing togetherNo culture is purely literate. That is, no culture relies entirely on words in print to pass on information. Other media are used to not only convey information, but also to share values, express emotions, proclaim opinions and discuss ideas.  

Music, storytelling, poetry, chants, drama and dance. 

Film, photo, podcasts, digital recordings and the internet.

Vernacular media specialists help Wycliffe and national translators identify and use media tools that are culturally appropriate for each language group. Video, audio, radio, filmstrips, drama, puppets and flipcharts are just some of the tools used to communicate God’s life-changing message.

VMS_ca-PE-quz-74.jpgThese media tools are not meant to replace printed Scripture in minority language communities where Wycliffe serves any more than a portable media player filled with Scripture-inspired music should replace your copy of the Word. But they do enhance Scripture reading and help encourage literacy development and use of the translated Scriptures.

Interested in working in vernacular media?



VMS (Vernacular Media Services, a division of JAARS) exists to enhance and encourage access to Scripture and related materials through usable media that are appropriate for the situation, with a special focus on media that meet the needs of oral communicators. On the JAARS website, you can explore more deeply the world of vernacular media.

Other Wycliffe ministry partner organizations specialize in developing and producing vernacular media. These include Campus Crusade's The JESUS Film Project and Hosanna Ministries' Faith Comes By Hearing

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