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Get prayer requests and stay updated on what God is doing through Bible translation around the world.  

  • intercessor.jpg Intercessor
    How can I pray strategically for Wycliffe USA and the worldwide work of Bible translation?

    Wycliffe and its worldwide partners are participating in the greatest acceleration of the pace of Bible translation ever witnessed by the Church. Therefore, the issues and challenges facing us today are unique from any other time in history. Your prayer support is critical to reaching every person in every language with the life-changing Word of God. View the Intercessor for a current look at Wycliffe’s prayer needs.


  • The Finish Line
    How can my prayers help complete a Bible translation?

    Wycliffe’s involvement in more than 700 Scripture translations has led to the realization that difficulties seem to surface when translation projects near completion. Satan will do everything he can to oppose the spread of the gospel message into the heart languages of people everywhere. Join with us and pray for Bible translation projects within three years of completion; be a part of the team that helps them cross the finish line!


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