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The Impact of Prayer

The Impact of Prayer

Praying BoyWe say it all the time: we can’t do what we do without God. The scope of the work is too broad. Too multi-faceted. Too complex. Jesus looked at these situations and said, “With man, this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” It is through prayer that we acknowledge His supremacy and authority to receive our praises and cries for help. And because He is good and faithful, the impact of our prayers exceeds anything we could have imagined. These stories are for you—to give you a glimpse of how God responds to the prayers of His people. Prepare to be blessed.

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Praying for Missionary Ministry

  PRAYER THAT CROSSES BOUNDARIES: Intercessors in the U.S. Obey the Prompting of the Holy Spirit and Pray for Wycliffe Workers in Cameroon.
  GOD'S GLORY WINS: Jan Holsclaw depends on prayer warriors around the world to pull her through an sudden and fierce battle with cancer.

Praying for Bibleless People Groups

  PRAYING FOR U: God Answers the Prayers of Children
  BRACELETS, BOOKMARKS, and PRAYERS: Kids Pray for the Chami People of South America
  A DEFINITE CONNECTION: Prayer for the C'lela Language.
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