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The Bwanda Fusa Challenge

A computer adventure game set in Africa. Developed for Wycliffe Bible Translators by Wycliffe Associates (UK) (Programming agency: Festival Software Services, Bradford.)


The following is a recommended minimum specification:

  • IBM-compatible PC 
  • Hard drive with approximately 2 Mb free
  • SVGA colour monitor (256 colours)
  • Screen resolution 800x600
  • Operating system Windows 95 or later
  • Mouse 
  • Optional Soundcard (sound adds to the game's atmosphere!)

Installation (Windows 95 and later)

  • Click on the Icon. 
  • A dialog box will appear. Select Run. 
  • The setup program will now run. By default, the files will be installed in the C:\Program Files\Wycliffe\BwandaFusa directory, but you have the opportunity to change the destination directory. 
  • A shortcut icon will be placed on the desktop and in the Start menu. 


To start the program simply double click on the shortcut icon which was automatically placed on the Desktop. Alternatively, open Windows Explorer, navigate to BwandaFusa.exe and double click on the file name.

Background Music   

Some sounds need to complete playing before the game can continue. In that case, the mouse pointer becomes an hour glass. Please wait until the pointer becomes an arrow again before selecting the next option. 

To Save the game

The SAVE button in the menu bar causes the present position in the game to be "remembered." The next time the game is started, a message will appear asking whether to start a new game or resume from the saved position. If it is intended to break off a game for any length of time, it is recommended that the game position is SAVED and the game is then shut down.

To stop the program

Click on the EXIT button in the menu, or press the ESC key.


This program and its associated files are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by Wycliffe Bible Translators and Wycliffe Associates (UK). The program may be distributed only if accompanied by this file readme.txt in its entirety. General questions should be directed to the Wycliffe Bible Translators' Office in your country. See the ABOUT button on the main menu of the game for more information. Wycliffe Associates (UK) welcomes feedback on this program. 


Although this program has been developed and tested with care, it is impossible to test a program under all conditions of use. Therefore the user must take all responsibility for the use of this program. Wycliffe Bible Translators and Wycliffe Associates will not accept liability for any consequences of using this program, and by choosing to install this program the user accepts these conditions. We regret that our limited resources do not enable us to guarantee further help to users of this program.

This program is a straightforward application written using the GLPRO multimedia authoring tool. It does not interact with your Windows system in any unusual or unauthorized way.

Removing the Program 

The set-up program copies the following files into the directory chosen at installation (see above):  

  • BWANDAFUSA.EXE Game program
  • README.TXT This information file
  • UNINST000.DAT Un-installation information
  • UNINST000.EXE Un-installation program 
  • The game may create a file in the same directory containing some configuration information (change this at your own risk!): BF.INI Configuration file

The program makes no other alterations to your Windows system. To remove the program automatically, run the program UNINST000.EXE. To remove the program manually, simply delete the files listed above and the directory chosen at installation.


This game is available in: 

  • UK or Canadian English versions.
  • German language version 
  • Russian language version (under test)


The logos on the information and credits pages will launch your web browser and connect to the relevant site, if you have an  internet connection. 

This program is a product of:

Wycliffe Associates (UK)
7 Conwy Street,
Denbighshire  LL18 3ET
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1745 343300

Registered Charity no. 1007772 

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