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These definitions are accurate, but are not intended to be complete. They are definitions of how Wycliffe uses these terms.


Word by Word

Every culture and community develops its own language to some degree. Wycliffe is no different in that. While we've committed ourselves to not using "insider talk" on this website, when other terms would be appropriate and would clearly communicate, sometimes we had to rely on technical terms. Rather than define all of our terms within the text (and annoying those who know the definitions with our redundancy and verbosity) we chose to develop this glossary.


Word Definition
Marginalized People Groups People groups that are influenced by the habits and values of outside cultures and are not completely assimilated into any of them; they are excluded or exist outside of the mainstream of society. They are often looked down upon, discriminated against, or simply ignored.
Member A worker who has completed the full Wycliffe application process, and who personally raises financial support for their regular ministry expenses through the gifts of interested individuals and churches.
Morphology & Grammar The study of word and phrase structure within a given language.
Mother Tongue The language a person is taught to speak from birth. With disuse, the mother tongue may be replaced by another language, which in turn may become the heart language.
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