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Lessons to Supplement Angel Tracks in the Snow

Angel TracksStudy what God’s Word says that angels do, what they look like and who they serve. Help your students learn to walk by faith, and show them how God displayed His mighty power on another occasion in the Himalayas. Lessons include an interactive story, simulation, Bible study, a word search, artwork option, and music to supplement Angel Tracks in the Snow. Finally, a before-and-after survey inside the “God’s Word on Angels” study shows you and your students what they’ve learned!

  1. Faith Walk: (Grades K-8) A simulation to help students identify with David and Gary’s experiences in the Himalaya Mountains
  2. God’s Power Unleashed in the Himalayas: (Grades K-8) An interactive story illustrating how God is building His kingdom in one little corner of the Himalaya Mountains
  3. God’s Word on Angels:  (Grades 2-8) A 50-verse topical Bible study of angels to complement the books Angel Tracks in the Snow.
  4. Color by Number Artwork

You will find these  components, as well:

  • Assessment Tool: pre-survey and post-survey (What did your students learn?)
  • Music Option
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