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 Bright Ideas!


man teaching classroomWant a fresh activity to get your kids excited about reaching the world? We have some "Bright Ideas!" for you.
We are pleased to provide these fun, interactive lessons; from simulations to stories, ethnic meals to hilarious games, sleight-of-hand stunts to crafts and linguistic problem-solving. Our easy-to-follow instructions, masters for overheads and handouts, and thought-provoking discussion sections will make your preparation time minimal.

Preschool Bright Ideas!

Download all preschool lessons

1.   Ashes, Ashes
2.   Balloon Bibles
3.   Big Team
4.   Homes Afar
5.   How We Travel
6.   Job Box
7.   The Go-Rope
8.   Travel Bag
9.   The Treasure Hunt
10. Two Little Hands

Elementary Bright Ideas!

Download all elementary lessons

1.   Global Graffiti 
2.   Heavenly Banquet  (en español)
3.   In One Ear, Out the Other  (en español)
4.   It's Not Impossible (en español)
5.   Make It Snappy
6.   Pass the Package  (en español)
7.   Prayer Cube
8.   Desert Dweller's Tea Time  (en español)
9.   Tug of War  (en español)
10. Prayer Games
11. Projects To Do
12. Alphabeti Spaghetti  (en español)
13. Amazing Bible

Elementary Bright Ideas! Worksheets

Download all worksheets

A.  Desert Riddle
B.  Did You Know?
C.  But I'm Just a Kid!
D.  International Radio Operators' Alphabet
E.  May I Have a Snack, Mom?
F.  What Does It Mean?

Teen Bright Ideas!

Download all teen lessons

1.   All's Well That Ends Well
2.   Babel  (en español)
3.   Bitter Words, Sweet Words  (en español)
4.   Call My Bluff
5.   Choose Wisely
6.   Dirty Water
7.   Ethnic Meal  (en español)
8.   Get Packing
9.   Trading Places  (en español)
10. Taste and See

Download all Bright Ideas! lessons

Bright Ideas! lessons are on our Toolbox CD which is available through Wycliffe's Online Store or you can call our Media Resource Center at 1-800-WYCLIFFE (or 407-852-3600) 8 am to 5 pm EST. We accept credit cards over the phone. 



Need More Children’s Resources?

For more mission-minded curriculum, check out our Toolbox CD and our other resources at Wycliffe's Online Store.

Comments or Questions?

Email us at childrens_resources_Orlando@wycliffe.org to give feedback, to ask a question or to let us know what additional resources/info would be helpful to you. This site if for YOU. So let us know how we can serve you better.

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