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Stories of Impact

Have you been touched by our stories?  Here you will find stories that were featured in the past. We hope you enjoy learning more about the impact of Bible translation around the world:

United States

Doug McIntosh Meet Dr. Doug McIntosh:Wycliffe board member and Senior Pastor of  Cornerstone Bible Church in Lilburn, Georgia
Elaine Townsend Elaine Townsend: A celebration of the life of Elaine Townsend
small boy smiling Embracing from the Heart: Wycliffe missionary kids travel to Africa
hands praying on scripture Twenty Five Years on our Knees: Even the littlest intercessor can make a big difference in the world.
Dr. Jeanne Porter One: Wycliffe’s 2007 Delegate’s Conference explored the ideas of unity and diversity.
Ken Watters Farewell to Mr. Wycliffe: Kenneth L. Watters, a key figure in the establishment of Wycliffe Bible Translators, passed away on January 12, 2008, in Santa Ana, California


Wanca Quechua Woman smiling We are Celebrating God's Word in Our Language: Wanca Quechua dedication of the New Testament
Pedro smiling Making it Stick: The first thing that strikes you about Pedro is his friendly demeanor. His genuine boyish grin makes you feel as though this is the beginning of a deeply intimate friendship.
A woman smiling Dental Restoration: Smile and Souls: Along with a team from Tennessee, Dr. Jim Flatley, a third-generation dentist, traveled to a Mayan village in Chiapas, Mexico, where tragedy had struck just ten years earlier.
A woman smiling Mercedes Walks With Her Head Held High: Learning to read gives a mother access to health care information and skills to educate the next generation.
Guatemala girl smiling Six Days to Travel Through History:  by Jon Bilbro after he traveled to Guatamala 
Boy speaking into the microphone Kushikushun!  “Let Us Rejoice!”: August 4, 2007 was the culmination of 43 years of hard, sometimes heart-breaking Bible translation work by many, many people.


Face of a boy 1000 Miles Journey: In the south of Sudan, in the midst of the cruelty of the civil war, a teenager named Walter fled hundreds of miles from his home to find a future and an education.
Chadian woman Chad Survey: Elaine Bombay shares about her experience doing language survey in Chad.
close up of boy's face From Disablity to Empowerment: When I was a child, my father put me in school. I learned to read in Hausa, but I wondered why they didn’t teach me in my own language—Jibu.
smiling African girl Jesus Weeps with Me: These girls listen to the Bible each week. The teachers had gathered the students so we could hear first-hand the impact of our gift to the girls, God’s Word in audio format.
Hannah teaching class Literacy for Life: Hannah Messang's literacy class is part of a multifaceted literacy and Scripture use program among the Bakossi people in Cameroon.
Brittany Discovering a Friend: Brittany shares about her Discovery Trip.
Face of a little girl   Telling the Story: Wycliffe Bible Translators sent a media team to the Congo to tell the stories of lives changed through Bible translation.
Group of translators This is Very Good: A man prays for the first time in his heart language.


Peter smiling We Came Home: As Mennonite Germans from Russia, Wilhelm Berg and his family made the challenging and life-changing choice to start a new life in Germany. They have lots of company.
Woman praying with scarf on her head Jesus was a Gypsy: “When a Gypsy becomes a Christian, the change is extraordinary,” says Rudi Walter a Scripture-use specialist on the Sinte Romani Bible translation project. “Jesus speaks Romani, and this touches our hearts,” Rudi explains. “It is our language, and He speaks in Romani—into our problems.”
hands signing a word A Deaf Heart: Bible translation and sign language
William Townsend in Russia Knocking on a Closed Door: William Cameron Townsend working in Russia.
Little boy  The "Shepherds" of the Arctic Circle: Some people may think of Siberia as a wasteland of ice, snow and exiles. But the resourceful Nenets people know better.


Woman in boat Flying Chicken: Flying chickens and Bible translation—what on earth do they have in common?
the front of a boat Boating to Paradise: Maritime Safety Services helps translators in “Boating to Paradise.”
Up close of a person's face A Cold Glass of Water: “Having the Bible only in English,” says one woman, “is like holding a cold glass of water that we can’t drink.”
Man in headdress My Enemy is Here: Sivini was ruthless. He took the lives of many people. He taught others to kill effectively and ordered the destruction of many of his enemies.
Close up of a man People are Praying for me: Domai Gaida and her husband hope that through their work, many Bamu people will come to experience the joy and freedom Christ offers.


man looking down Facing the Odds: “They will listen when the Word is in their language.”
Doming smiling A Life Well Lived: Every so often God raises up an exceptional person whose great positive influence changes their family, friends, community, culture, country and even the world.
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