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Exploring How to Be Involved?

Come to an event, from just one day to a summer long, to give you a taste of what we do, who we are and how we work. Come join us and be a part of what God is doing in the world through Bible translation!

Events.jpgOne Day

Explore Wycliffe—Explore your options: Hear how you can be involved in Bible translation, interact with staff who have "been there and done that" and find answers to your questions.

World Class Encounter—Teaching Overseas: Designed to give you an in-depth look at serving missionary families and the Bibleless peoples of the world through your gifts as an educator.

Dessert Night—Informal gatherings hosted by Wycliffe missionaries in or near their homes.  Interested in missions and dessert?  Then, this is for you! See how you can further Bible translation and hear from missionaries who are.

Missions at the Airport—Experience the exciting capabilities of missionary aviation, and discover how Bible translators depend on modern technology and other support services to get their jobs done. 

Wycliffe Discovery Center—Discover the amazing story of the Bible and encounter people, languages and cultures you’ve never seen before, in this award-winning, interactive visitor center in Orlando, Florida.

Wycliffe Associates Banquet—Do you want to learn more about Bible translation and how you can be involved? Then prepare to be inspired. Bring a friend, and come share a meal with us in your area!

Two–Six Days

Race to 2025—It’s the adventure fundraising race with eternal impact! Teams compete in demanding linguistic and wilderness challenges to find a remote Bibleless tribe in this race inspired by some of Wycliffe’s intense language survey trips. Race to 2025 bridges the adrenalin of adventure sport young people crave and the extreme challenge to which Jesus calls His Church—to make disciples of all nations.

TIU-class setting.jpg TOTAL It Up—Try a Taste Of Translation And Linguistics (TOTAL): A five-day course to see if translation is for you! Bible translation, linguistics, cross-cultural ministry... are they a good fit for your unique gifts, interests and talents?

TOTAL Vision—Experience what Bible translation, linguistics, and Wycliffe is all about in this interactive course.

Vision Camp—A week for middle school and high school students to rough it alongside missionaries. Learn how they live and work. Encounter new languages and cultures. Consider what being a world Christian means, and let it impact you in your daily life. It’s as close as it gets to being overseas!

Mission Fest (West Coast)—A catalyst to spread the vision of the Great Commission and help people find a place where their interests and abilities can be best put to use. Talk with dozens of mission agency representatives, including Wycliffe staff, and have the opportunity to participate in seminars.

Interns.JPG Two Weeks Plus

Short-Term Missions—Opportunities to experience God and further Bible translation in a variety of settings through Get Global and Discovery trips and service with Wycliffe Associates.

Orlando Summer Internship—Broaden your experience and your vision while serving with us for 10-weeks at our headquarters.

Perspectives—A dynamic study program of 15 sessions, designed to educate God's people about what He is doing in the world today.

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