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Bible Translation

Translation is like the clasping of two hands: on the one hand translators need to understand the meaning of the source text; on the other they need to grasp the target language. When the two are put together, the meaning of the source is beautifully expressed in the target language.

The Bible translation task is both cutting edge and ancient at the same time. Today we use computers and digital technology to accomplish accurate translations of the Scriptures. Man looking at the camera

Because we are working with the Bible, which is inspired and holy, adherence to the original meaning of the text is crucial. And because we are dealing with human beings, and we want them to understand the message, naturalness is also important. The disciplines of linguistics and translation enable us to accomplish these goals and the study of these and related disciplines is essential for successful translation.

Interested in working in Bible translation?



If you want to dig more deeply into the theory and practice of translation work, visit the SIL International website.  

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