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Service Options

There are so many ways a teacher can serve!  By using the skills and talents that God has blessed you with, you can help a missionary family stay on the field and be able to complete their work in Bible translation...

Two boys standing togetherItinerant Teaching

Itinerant teaching is a great way to get to see different parts of a country. It involves working with different families, spending a few weeks at a time with each family. This type of work requires great amounts of flexibility, patience in living with different families, a love of travel, love for adventure, and working simultaneously with different grade levels.

International SchoolsGirls walking together

Christian or secular, big or small, international schools are usually taught in English offering accredited British and American education systems. These schools range in grade levels, but most are K-12. Some only offer secondary level education. These schools accept students from many different nationalities whose parents are business people, in the military, Foreign Service, missionaries, and even locals who want their children to have a British or American education.

Field Education Services (FES)Teacher with two students

FES offers a cooperative learning environment where teachers offer educational support to parents. A joint curriculum is established for the families involved and is much like home schooling but with a trained teacher as a consultant.


Families in remote locations or even in a city with limited education options, often have a tutor live with them to educate their children. Tutors usually are short-term (9-12 months) and are not required to have a teaching certificate.

Students with teacher in libraryMission Schools

Mission schools are schools started by mission agencies seeking to offer quality education for the local mission community. They are often started by several missions joining resources and are not necessarily accredited. The curriculum used by the school varies but is usually Christian based, and teachers are often the parents of the children because not enough teachers can be found to cover all the subjects needing to be taught.

National Schools

National schools are schools run by the local government of a country.

American Schools

Much like International schools, American schools teach an American curriculum to their students, but in an overseas setting.

Boarding SchoolsKids Swinging

Boarding schools range from mission schools, to American schools, to international schools. They also range in grade levels that are offered. A few schools board students beginning in kindergarten, but most focus on junior high through 12th grade. Boarding schools vary in curriculum used and benefit families by offering quality education as well as a boarding the students during the school year.

Home Schooling

This is perhaps the most popular choice of Wycliffe parents, for their children’s education. Many curriculums (both Christian and secular) now exist that allow parents to educate their children in their own home. Often written for parents with little to no education background, it provides for a good education while living in a remote setting.

Extension Learning (Online Schools, Correspondence Courses, Etc.)

As the internet becomes more popular and has growing accessibility, even in remote parts of the world, extension learning is also gaining popularity. There are more and more online academies where students discuss topics in chat rooms and assignments are completed by email. Correspondence courses are other options for extension learning. Students complete assignments and tests which are then mailed in for correction. There are many different types of courses available in the Christian and secular genre.

Interested in teaching overseas?

Search for a sampling of open training positions around the world.

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