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Get Specific Training

The type of training that you'll need to serve in Wycliffe depends on your vocation. For most jobs, you will need a People working at desks bachelor's degree and/or some career experience.

To find out what specific types of training you'll need for the line of work that you are interested in, talk with a recruiter. In the meantime, you may find the following information helpful:

Translation & Linguistics Training

  • If you're in college, consider studying Greek, Hebrew or applied linguistics.
  • Learn as much you can about the area(s) of the world that you may be interested in.
  • Check out one of our partnering schools in North America and around the world. Training encompasses the disciplines of linguistics, literacy and translation.

Information Technology Training 

Some training classes are offered through Wycliffe and our partner, JAARS. Contact us for more info. 

Leadership Development

Training is offered to Wycliffe staff to develop leadership skills and to develop a personal work plan for those interested in leadership in the organization.

Vernacular Media Services

Training is offered to equip personnel to produce high-quality media tools in local vernacular, for use in language communities. This includes production of audio-cassettes, radio programs and audio sound tracks for video. Check out information from JAARS about vernacular media training.



Talk with us  for more information about any of these training opportunities.

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