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Bonnie Nystrom

Bonnie and her husband, John, have spent more than 28 years working in a language project in Papua New Guinea. For the last 15 years, the project has expanded to serve 10 different languages in the Aitape West area. Although they no longer live in Papua New Guinea, Bonnie and John are still able to contribute to the project remotely.

Bonnie has served as a member on the SIL board for eight years and as a subcommittee chair for four years. She has also served as a career member on the JAARS board and as Vice Chair since January 2016. Additionally, Bonnie has served as a member and chair of the Papua New Guinea Branch Executive Committee and the Ukarumpa International School board.

Prior to joining Wycliffe, Bonnie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Systems Analysis from Taylor University in Indiana. While serving in Papua New Guinea, she especially enjoyed her training and experience as a group facilitator during the branch strategic planning process.

Today, Bonnie and John live in Seminole, Florida in the winter and northern Wisconsin in the summer. While continuing to support the Aitape West Translation project, Bonnie spends a lot of her time serving their aging parents and her two mentally disabled brothers. They have two adult children and two grandchildren.

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