Dan Butler

Dan Butler has been a member of Wycliffe USA since 1980. Over the years, Dan has served in a variety of support and administrative roles, including as the Language Programs Director and other leadership roles for SIL Sudan, and Africa Area Director for both SIL and Wycliffe Global Alliance. In 2001, Dan and his wife Barb left Africa and moved to Dallas, where Dan served as the Vice President for Personnel for SIL and Wycliffe Global Alliance and then Chief Operations Officer for SIL. In January 2013, they returned to Africa, only for Dan to be asked to serve as the SIL Eurasia Area director one year later. Dan currently serves in that role.

Dan has also served on the board of directors for JAARS and is currently serving on the board of Barnabas International, an organization that is committed to providing encouragement to those in ministry.

Dan and his wife have raised two children — one is married with three children and lives in Kenya, and the other is in a Ph.D. program at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Today, he and Barb live in Nairobi.

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