Dr. John Chesnut

Chief Development and Partnerships Officer

John and his wife, Kelly, joined Wycliffe in 2001 after having spent 13 years in the pastorate. They joined with the intent to connect churches in the United States with the work of Bible translation, specifically in the Philippines.

John served as Associate Director for Personnel and Partnerships. Four years after arriving in the Philippines, John was appointed Field Director, overseeing Wycliffe’s Bible translation work there. With a passion for seeing more and more Asians involved in the task of Bible translation, John also served on the Asia Area staff as the Director for Strategic Initiatives.

In 2011, the Chesnut family moved to Orlando to begin assignments at the Wycliffe USA headquarters. John has served as Chief Development and Partnerships Officer for Wycliffe Bible Translators USA since 2012. John received his Bachelor of Arts from California Baptist University, his Master of Divinity in Family Ministry from Denver Seminary and his Doctorate in Executive Leadership from Denver Seminary.

John and Kelly have been married since 1988. They have seven children — Melissa (married to Sam), Rachel (married to Justin), Christopher (married to Kelly), David, Allison, Nathan and Aaron. They also have two grandchildren. They are passionate about adoption, as their youngest four are adopted from Asia. They love the tapestry that God has woven together in their family as they seek to reflect his grace and the beauty of diversity within his Church.

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