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Empowering Families for Lasting Change

  • February 8, 2016

Reading the Bible in your own language is empowering, and it changes people’s lives when they are able to understand what God is saying. But first, men, women and children need the opportunity to learn how to read and write. To be able to read and educate your children is power, and it offers freedom as people learn how God views them and how much he loves them. Wycliffe believes that everyone needs the chance to hear the gospel as if their mother was talking directly to them, and that’s why we participate in this significant work of Bible translation.

This video is also available in Spanish

Wycliffe Women of the Word is an initiative designed to connect women to Scripture, allowing them to recognize their God-given value as women and the role they play in his mission. When women are affirmed and encouraged by the truth that God has created them to fulfill a specific role in his kingdom, they are better equipped to reach others with the power of Scripture — in their families, communities and around the world.

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