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4 Ways to Encourage a Missionary in 2020

  • December 16, 2019
Missionary family having fun on a hike in the woods

Looking for new ways to cheer your Wycliffe missionary on in the coming year? Here are four ideas you might not have considered before.

  • 1. Use Technology to Get Creative

    Missionaries appreciate any time their partners reach out! Maybe this year you’d like to encourage them in a new way. Consider connecting through texts, online chat messages or video calls. These real-time conversations with you will be a burst of encouragement in your missionary’s day.

    If time differences make a call or chat hard to arrange, consider recording a quick video greeting that you can send via email, text message or social media.

  • 2. Go Deeper in Your Prayer Support

    You’re likely already praying for your missionary’s protection, travel plans, refreshment and their ministry effectiveness. But have you given them the space to share the hard things in their life and ministry with you?

    Challenges such as fears, frustrations and strained or broken relationships don’t always make it into a missionary’s communication, but they’re often their greatest struggles. Let your missionary know you’re a listening ear. Then actively learn about pressures and realities they face so you can relate to them on a deeper level and ask more helpful questions.

  • 3. Consider Options for Future Partnership

    As you partner with the ministry of a Wycliffe missionary, you may wonder about ways to ensure their work continues in the future. Wycliffe Foundation has a gift planning option, called a Missionary Partnership Plan, that allows you to make a single gift now, in cash or an asset, and distribute that gift in the amount and frequency you choose — now and after your lifetime. Your contribution goes into an interest-bearing account, benefiting the ministry of the missionary you’ve chosen for the duration of their service or until funds are exhausted.

  • 4. Be Open to Spontaneous Opportunities

    Along with keeping in touch with your missionary and standing with them in prayer, ask God to stir your heart to respond in whatever additional way he calls you. We often hear of answers to this prayer that met a missionary’s need in a surprising way: a gift in the exact amount of a financial need, a word of encouragement when they were feeling down or a care package that was received on the perfect day.

There are so many ways that you can encourage missionaries in your life! Just ask your missionary what is helpful and necessary for them, pray and then follow God’s leading.

For more information on a Missionary Partnership Plan, please visit wycliffefoundation.org or contact the Wycliffe Foundation at 1-877-493-3600.