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A Fun Way to Give Back: The 2018 Wycliffe Gift Catalog

  • October 9, 2018
two hands holding Wycliffe's Gift Catalog

It’s hard to believe that it’s already October! If you’re a planner, you’re probably already making year-end-lists — determining budgets, scheduling events and preparing for Christmas shopping. If one of your goals this Christmas is to give back to others, we have a way for you to do that!

Each year we produce a Wycliffe Gift Catalog — a collection of Bible translation projects (or “gifts”) presented in a tangible way. It looks and feels kind of like a retail catalog! Our catalog can be used as a source for alternative Christmas gifts, or as a way to make a special charitable gift.

Non-Traditional Christmas Gifts

Most of us tend to look for ways to support worthy causes with our giving (i.e. purchasing a tote bag where the proceeds help feed the hungry, or buying a bracelet that provides a community with clean water). The Wycliffe Gift Catalog uses that same tangibility to present projects that provide God’s Word to those without it.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift for someone who loves God’s Word, the Wycliffe Gift Catalog provides 19 different gifts that you can give to in their name. Featuring projects from countries all over the world, this catalog has something for everyone! Wycliffe even has a beautifully designed greeting card you can use to tell the recipient about their gift.

Year-End Giving with Heart

Wycliffe missionary couple Chris and Christie like to carve out time on Christmas and involve their young children in year-end giving. Beginning in October, they collect giving opportunities from the mail and save them for Christmas morning. Then they lay out each giving option and provide each of their three kids with a small amount of money to give to the projects of their choice!

“Letting the kids choose really ties their heart to the projects they pick,” Chris says. “They pray for the work and want to give more throughout the year.”

You Choose!

Look through the online version of the Wycliffe Gift Catalog, or request your print copy by catalog@wycliffe.org.

We hope you enjoy “shopping” the catalog, knowing these gifts will help bring God’s Word to those waiting to hear it in a language and form they understand.

Merry Christmas!