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An Expression of Gratitude

Our new webpage features notes and letters thanking churches for their partnership

  • November 4, 2016

As we celebrate 75 years as an organization, we want to take some time to express our gratitude for the numerous men and women who have served with Wycliffe over the years. And one of the biggest advocates of Wycliffe ministry has been churches. We are so grateful for the ways in with churches all around the world have partnered with the ministries of Wycliffe missionaries and their commitment to Bible translation.

At Wycliffe, we recognize the significance of the task that each of us within the global Church has been given — to go and make disciples of all the nations. And we are incredibly grateful for the ways that the Church has lived out the Great Commission through helping to ensure that everyone has access to Scripture in the language they understand best.

To express our gratitude to churches for their continual partnership in the work of Bible translation and investment in the ministries of Wycliffe missionaries, we’ve set up a new webpage displaying thank-you notes and letters from us. We encourage you to take some time and read through them!

We look forward to continuing to celebrate all that God has done and reflecting on the ways that he is working around the world to further his kingdom!

Read through thank-you notes and letters of gratitude here.