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Be Part of Scripture Celebrations Around the World!

  • January 15, 2019
Celebrating the Kuna New Testament with a parade

At Wycliffe, we love Scripture celebrations — they represent the joy of a community crossing the finish line and finally receiving God’s Word in their language! Pixie Christensen, a Wycliffe USA staff member, shared about the joy she experienced at the Scripture celebration for the Kuna people on San Blas Island, Panama.

The Kuna were celebrating their complete Bible, but there was some doubt the printed Bibles would make it to the island in time for the celebration. Pixie explained what happened next:

“Those who had come to celebrate from nearby islands and those of us there as visitors joined in prayer,” she said. “Numerous cellphone calls were made, and a boat was found to deliver the precious cargo. Men and boys hoisted boxes of the Bibles onto their shoulders. When all the boxes were unloaded, the men spontaneously circled up, singing and dancing to celebrate. I saw, firsthand, people rejoicing in the Word of God.”

Kuna New Testaments in boxes, sitting on a dock
Box of Kuna New Testaments on grassy field

What an amazing experience! Because of the support of Wycliffe partners around the world, people like the Kuna are able to engage with and be transformed by the Word of God in their own language. And as a partner in the work of Bible translation, you could be a part of helping more Scripture celebrations take place this coming year!

Give the Word, Month After Month

This year, we’re inviting more Wycliffe partners to become WordGivers — donors who make monthly gifts to accelerate Bible translation. Your gift will be used to:

  • Support people groups in providing translated Scripture where it’s needed most.
  • Provide support for missionaries serving around the world in various roles.
  • Provide print, audio and video recordings of translated Scripture portions to bring more people to Christ.

Get Closer

As a WordGiver, you’ll become part of a community of donors who are passionate about Bible translation and seeing lives transformed by Christ.

You’ll receive quarterly updates about the lives impacted by your partnership as a WordGiver, a letter from missionaries you’ve helped and special invitations to Scripture celebrations.

To learn more, visit or call 1-800-992-5433. Thank you for considering becoming a WordGiver!