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Bible Translation Doesn’t Take a Summer Vacation

  • May 3, 2019
Summer Campaign 2019

When people think about summer, they often think about taking a break. The pace of life often slows as we put school, work and activities on pause.

But at Wycliffe, summertime is when we get our second wind! We can’t let the pace of Bible translation slow down because we want to reach every person who doesn’t yet have the Bible in a language or form they understand.

As a reminder of the important work happening in June, July and August (summertime in the U.S.), we created the Wycliffe Summer Campaign. For the last 11 years, partners like you have given through the campaign to keep the work of Bible translation going strong during the summer. Our summer campaign has become one of our largest, and we love seeing you so excited about keeping the work of Bible translation moving forward!

This summer, we invite you to partner in Bible translation projects, training for translation teams and printing translated Scripture. Our 2019 campaign supports six languages. These languages vary in size — from a language with 5,000 speakers to a language with 5 million!

We know God wants people in every language to know about his love and care for them. Thank you for accelerating the work of God’s global mission through your prayers and giving.

We’re also excited that a group of donors has decided to give a challenge gift, enabling every gift to the Wycliffe Summer Campaign to be matched, up to $122,100. We’re so grateful for the generosity of our donors!

We hope you’ll join us at for this special campaign that has the potential to reach millions!