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Dental Chairs for Missions

  • July 29, 2015
  • By: Melissa Paredes
Dental chairs

It’s easy to think that the only way we can impact missions financially is through donating money. But gifts don’t always have to be monetary. Gifts in Kind is a great way to make a difference through donating non-cash gifts.  Items can include used cell phones, electronics, jewelry, real estate, cars, and even … dental chairs.

Amy Hauschildt grew up in Papua New Guinea, raised by parents who worked with Wycliffe as schoolteachers. In high school, Amy went to a career day and decided to shadow the Wycliffe dentist in his daily activities. She became so inspired by what she saw that she made the decision to become a dentist as well.

And so she did. After college, Amy went to dental school and she’s currently living out her dream career in Arizona. The clinic where she works was downsizing their office and needed to get rid of three dental chairs. Amy picked up the chairs and, rather than sell them, decided to contact Wycliffe to see if they could be of any use through the Gift in Kind program. She talked with a man named Wade who connected with the dental clinic at the Ukarumpa Center in Papua New Guinea. It turns out, the clinic needed three chairs because out of the chairs they already used, one was broken and the other two were worn out.

The donation was perfect. The Papua New Guinea clinic received beautiful chairs, and Amy was able to help out through something that was very familiar and close to her heart. She also decided to donate 1,000 toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes to be sent over with the chairs, and another woman who works for a national dental care company donated a case of dental floss.

Today, the dental chairs have been used so thoroughly and continuously that they need to be repaired! They’re a blessing not only to the missionaries who live there, but also the local people.

Sometimes it’s the items that we give away or sell that can make a surprising impact for God’s kingdom throughout the world. So whether it’s donating money or non-cash gifts, all that we have can be used for God’s glory. Amy gave her dental chairs. What can you give?