Featured Photo From the Field: Clothed in Many Colors

  • December 28, 2017
  • By: Jon Bilbro
Featured Photo From the Field: Clothed in Many Colors

Colorful garments are hung to dry in the sunshine and ocean breezes of Honiara, Solomon Islands.

English may be the official language of the Solomon Islands, but less than two percent of people living there speak it. To most of the population, an English Bible contains no meaning, only black and white pages. Still, even translated Scripture can look lifeless to those who don’t yet know how to read their own language.

Alongside Bible translation, literacy education offers people a life-changing skill that not only helps meet their daily needs, but also illuminates Scripture. It opens their eyes to see God’s Word brought to life in full color — a meaningful picture of God’s love and the everlasting hope found in Jesus.

In the Owa language of the Solomon Islands, Bible-based literacy classes helped a student named Dorothy put on a new identity in Christ. “I can read now!” Dorothy said. “When I read my Bible in my own language I understand it, and it really speaks straight into my life. Now I have given my life to God.”

Read Dorothy’s full story.

Photo by Elyse Patten

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