Featured Photo From the Field: On the Outside

  • June 4, 2018
  • By: Elaine Bombay
Featured Photo From the Field: On the Outside

A young man listens to the service through the window of a crowded church.

People are left on the outside, unable to understand the good news of Jesus when the Bible and church are in the wrong language. They become marginalized spiritually. Scriptures translated into local languages help people to become full participants in the community of God.

ATALTRAB, a Wycliffe Global Alliance organization in Chad, exists so that every person in Chad may have God’s Word in their own language. ATALTRAB is currently working on Bible translation projects with four communities: Mango, Niellim, Tunia, and Laka. Caleb Ndonam, an ATALTRAB administrator, says, “The mission of God is to bring communities to Jesus through his Word. But we use foreign languages to communicate the gospel. It isn’t well understood. But if those words are translated into local languages, it makes it easier for people to understand and to believe in Jesus to be saved.”

Photo by Elaine Bombay

This was originally published at wycliffe.net.