Featured Photo From the Field: Perseverance

  • June 6, 2017
  • By: Heather Pubols and Becca Coon
Featured Photo From the Field: Perseverance

Children in a remote village in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) run and wave as a vehicle passes by.

The second largest country by land area on the continent of Africa, DRC lies nearly at the geographic center of Africa. It is full of amazing riches. Natural resources like water, fertile land, minerals, timber and oil are found here in abundance. It is also rich in its variety of tongues, with more than 200 living languages. And it is rich in culture, with many of Africa’s most popular musicians calling DRC home.

However, the people of this land have experienced numerous difficulties. Staff involved in Bible translation projects have persisted through civil unrest, great personal losses and tragedies.

Goma Mabele, lead translator for his mother-tongue language, Mbandja, considers the struggles he and his team experienced during the translation process: “We thought we weren’t going to finish. But I’ve seen God’s hand in all of this. He told me, ‘This is building your character so that you can help others.’ The Christian life isn’t just a straight path. There are a lot of curves. This is how he has molded me.”

Read Goma’s full story.

Photo by Heather Pubols

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