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Five Ways to Give Back This Spring, Cost Free

  • March 12, 2017
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We love to think of spring as a season of new beginnings. Winter has passed, the flowers are blooming. It’s a time for renewal, and what is more renewing than giving back to others, in your community and around the world? This spring, take the time to explore ways you can bring renewal to the lives of others. Here are five ideas for giving back that won’t cost you a thing.

  • 1. Give Your Spring Break as a Volunteer or Advocate

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    Passionate about refugees, the homeless, clean water or Bible translation? Advocate for your favorite charity by hosting events that create awareness about what the charity is doing. Instead of receiving gifts for your birthday or Christmas, ask friends to give to your chosen organization. One of the best ways to give back to your community is through your time. Hands-on volunteering at your local food pantry or shelter gives back directly to those in your community who need a helping hand. Wycliffe also has a number of volunteer opportunities available that aid the work of Bible translation. Visit to browse a list of volunteer positions.

  • 2. Give Your Unwanted Items to Charity

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    Spring cleaning your home — your closets, your garage — not only refreshes your space, it’s also a cost-free way to give back. Charity organizations can turn no-longer-used electronics, art, collectibles, jewelry and even vehicles into support for their cause. Wycliffe uses such items to support the life-changing work of Bible translation. Learn more about donating your unneeded items to Wycliffe at It’s even easier than reorganizing your closet!

  • 3. Give Your Charity Additional Money With a Matching Gift

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    Many corporations around the U.S. match their employees’, employee spouses’ and retirees’ donations to charitable organizations. Some will even match volunteer hours. Find out if your employer participates in a corporate matching gift program, and start doubling your donations today. To see if your organization matches donations to Wycliffe, contact your employer, or visit here to use our corporate matching search tool.

  • 4. Give Back Whenever You Shop or Search Online

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    Now that you have spring cleaned your home, you may be looking to spruce it up. There are a number of online search and shopping tools that will donate a percentage of your purchase to the organization of your choice, without costing you a penny! It’s easy to get started with these three options:

  • 5. Give Through a Beneficiary Designation

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    Bank accounts, life insurance policies, investments and retirement funds allow you to designate an organization as your beneficiary. Electing a charity organization as your beneficiary will leave a legacy of generosity. The Wycliffe Foundation offers many ways, including beneficiary designations, that you can continue to impact the world through the work of Bible translation, beyond your lifetime. To learn more about beneficiary designations and other ways you can leave a legacy of giving, visit

Share Your Stories With Us

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    Generosity begets generosity. So we would love to hear from you. How have you been moved this spring to give back to your community? How has that impacted you and the world around you? Share your stories with us on social media or email us at