Give a Life-Changing Gift for the Price of a Latte

  • August 15, 2017
smiling African lady

Imagine going through life without Scripture in your own language to assure you of God’s presence, power and love in a way that touches your heart. Or imagine facing struggles without the promises of God’s Word to give you hope and courage.

That is currently the reality for millions of people worldwide! Wycliffe believes that no one should have to face difficulties without the comfort and strength that comes from God through his Word. With your help, we can provide Scripture to those waiting to receive it.

This fall you have an opportunity to reach three language communities without Scripture. For just $7.50 you can provide the New Testament in their heart language. That means for the price of a flavored latte and a muffin, you could share the gospel with one person. Or for the price of a new hardcover novel, you could give two people the greatest story they’ll ever read.

woman reading in doorway

No matter how many copies you choose to share, you’re making a life‑changing difference for those who receive them. And thanks to a $10,000 matching gift from a Wycliffe partner, your gift to print Scripture will be doubled, dollar for dollar. That means your gift sends twice as many copies of Scripture.

Would you join us in sharing this beautiful gift with those who have never had it before? To take part, please visit

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