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Joyful Expectation

  • June 6, 2019
  • By: Kelly Chesnut
John and Kelly Chesnut with children, spouses and grandchildren

Being a mom to seven kids has provided plenty of opportunities to rely on God for help. Two of our four adopted children have special needs. We didn’t know this when they first came home though. It took two years before our sons were diagnosed.

Those two years were just plain hard. There were times I felt utterly hopeless — hopeless in my parenting skills, hopeless for our sons’ futures and even hopeless for my future. Because their needs require long-term provision and care, I questioned whether I had what it would take to parent our sons beyond adolescence.

God used that time to remind me again and again that my hope doesn’t lie in my circumstances or even in my ability to engage with my circumstances. My hope lies in him. He’s the one who helps me. And it’s in him that I experience hope and joy!

I’ve sought to teach our kids that joy is the infallible presence of God, in spite of our circumstances. And hope is confident, joyful expectation that comes with knowing and believing God will do all he plans and purposes — in my life and in the lives of our sons.

Joy and hope go hand-in-hand. They’re tangible reminders of our great God who’s always ready to help us. Every day, I’m faced with opportunities to experience joy as I invite God into my circumstances and trials, and seek his help with my responses, attitudes, actions and words. Joy and hope become the fruit that God produces in my life as he strengthens and grows my faith.

What opportunities or trials are you facing today? Know that God is ready and able to help! As you ask him for help and wait expectantly for him to work, rest in the joy and hope that’s ours in Christ.

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