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More Than Just a 9-to-5 Job

Wycliffe USA summer interns share their stories.

  • September 18, 2019
Angela and Elizabeth - Wycliffe interns

When you think of the word “internship,” what do you think of? Maybe you think of getting coffee for your boss, doing work in a cubicle or attending meetings.

But an internship at Wycliffe is more than just logging hours in an office. It means investing in the lives of your colleagues and co‑workers. It’s about coupling your unique giftings with creativity and innovation to make an eternal difference. It’s about telling your story and the stories of others around the world — stories that deserve to be heard.

This summer, Angela (a computer science student) and Elizabeth (a photography student) discovered how God could use them in Bible translation when they interned at Wycliffe USA’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

How did you get involved in missions and Wycliffe?

Wycliffe Intern - Elizabeth
Wycliffe Intern - Elizabeth

Elizabeth: After I went on a short-term missions trip in college, I was so excited! I knew I had to be involved full time! I went to Urbana, a big missions conference, to find out how I could use photography in missions. I spoke to a Wycliffe representative there and found out that Wycliffe incorporates photography in a corporate setting — merging two of my main interests!

Angela: I grew up on the mission field, but it wasn’t until later that I realized God was calling me to the work. But still, the call can be intimidating! Where, with whom, when and how should I do missions? This summer, I wanted to be involved at an organization where some of these questions would be answered. Wycliffe let me combine my computer science degree with a missions‑related internship.

What do you do in your internship?

Elizabeth: I do lots of photography research as well as take all sorts of photos, including product pictures, headshots, promotional materials, LinkedIn professional photos and website photos.

Angela: I am part of a team that deploys, tests, documents and evaluates new projects related to Salesforce, a cloud-based business software. Other than planning meetings, most of my time is spent brainstorming, conducting research, experimenting and testing potential solutions.

However, it’s not just all about work! Every Wednesday, Elizabeth and I meet with a Wycliffe member or couple and fellowship with them over a meal. On Mondays, we’re often invited to someone's house for dinner. Every Tuesday we have a Bible study, and most weekends we’re participating in off-campus events or going to different ethnic and denominational churches. To wrap up the day, we often go biking outside or swim at the pool.

How have you seen your role connect to the work of Bible translation overall?

Wycliffe Intern - Angela
Wycliffe Intern - Angela

Elizabeth: At the very least, by getting to know other missionaries, I’m connected daily to this work. It has built a passion in me for mission work!

Angela: Even though I’ve been exposed to missions since I was young, I wasn’t familiar with Bible translation. After attending the Explore Bible Translation event my first week here, I realized how important it is to have the Bible in your own language! At that point, I became attached to this work, knowing that it would be helping those on the field doing Bible translation. My team’s work serves other departments so they can be functional and efficient. We might not be on the field in person, but we’re enabling missionaries and their teams.

What has been one of your favorite parts of this internship?

Elizabeth: I’ve really enjoyed getting to do a weekly Bible study with the woman who is in charge of our time here. Getting to dissect what’s happening in our lives through Scripture with her has been a joy.

Angela: My favorite thing so far has been getting to know my team members. Talking with the staff here is fun and often insightful. I enjoy developing relationships that I would otherwise not have with my supervisors in a more corporate environment.

How has this internship helped you for your future?

Elizabeth: This internship has definitely helped me get a clearer vision of where I see myself in missions. There’s a desperate need for good photographers to tell stories!

Angela: This internship has given me both real-life work experience and an understanding of how work and missions are related. One thing only Wycliffe was able to teach me was the importance of Bible translation. Whether or not I’m involved in that field in the future, it’s given me special insight on the many ways people are serving God in the United States and overseas.

What would you want to tell someone considering interning with Wycliffe?

Elizabeth: I wanted to do something I really cared about in a field where I would learn a lot, in an environment I’ve never experienced before. I wanted both professional and spiritual growth happening side by side. And that has been here! I love the relationships and connections I’ve made with other people. Storytelling is the thing Wycliffe does really well — and these are stories worth hearing.

Angela: The value in this internship is not only work-related — the people and community at Wycliffe would be entirely worth the experience itself. I would tell new interns to get to know as many people as they could. Wycliffe people are kind, very caring and they all have amazing stories!

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