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Pray for the Nyungwe as They Print Their New Testament!

  • July 9, 2019
Nyungwe man reading the Scriptures

The first words of Scripture were translated into the Nyungwe language of Mozambique more than 100 years ago. After all those years, the full Nyungwe New Testament is complete and ready to print!

Lift up the Nyungwe to the Lord

As translation work approaches the final stages in the process, prayer is critical. Challenges often arise and spiritual opposition can be present. Join us in lifting up these specific prayer requests for the Nyungwe people to the Lord as they prepare to print their Scripture:

  • Pray for the finalization of the text. Ask God to grant accuracy to the typesetters who are often working in a language they don’t understand.
  • Ask for God’s favor in the printing process, that he’ll provide the resources needed to publish and will guard the delivery of finished products.
  • Pray that the New Testament dedication will be an unforgettable day for the Nyungwe people. Local churches are already working with the Nyungwe translation team to plan this special, decade‑in‑the‑making celebration.
  • Pray for the distribution and use of the translated Scripture and its transformational power among the 420,000 Nyungwe speakers. Without God’s Word in a language they clearly understand, many Nyungwe people followed traditional religious practices. They lived in fearful bondage to the spirit world, trusting in charms and magic to protect them. Sadly when those failed, some Nyungwe turned to alcohol. That led to infidelity, domestic violence and family neglect. Having access to Scripture and a clear understanding of salvation will enable the Nyungwe people to walk in hope instead of fear.
  • Lift up the Nyungwe churches as they consider initiating and implementing an Old Testament translation project. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring cooperation among the churches and pray that those outside the church will support them in the best way possible.

Prayer is such a crucial part of Bible translation and a great way to partner with people around the world. As you continue to lift up the Nyungwe, rest in the truth of 1 John 5:14:

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