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Reaching the Unreached

Be a part of reaching people around the world with the gospel.

  • May 26, 2020
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Around the world, millions of people haven’t heard God’s message of love and redemption in a language that speaks to their hearts. Wycliffe is dedicated to helping people get the Bible translated into their own languages so they can experience life transformation. As people encounter translated Scripture, the words of Jesus come alive in their hearts.

Katya* lives in the mountains of a remote region in Asia. Life there is harsh — sickness is common and funerals are frequent.

Each summer, cattle and flocks are taken farther up the mountain to pasture. There are legends about the summer pastures, and people believe spirits and demons live there.

In recent years, a traveler comes to visit Katya’s village during the summer. On one of his visits, the traveler gave Katya a book.

Katya eagerly began to read the book right away. She found herself drawn to the central character in the stories — a man called Jesus. Soon, love for Jesus began to grow in her heart.

The following summer the traveler returned, as he always did. Katya welcomed him into her home and excitedly told him, “I just love Jesus!”

She then reminded him of the book he gave her during his last visit — the one that told the story of Jesus. “I have read it many times,” Katya said. “I’ve also read it to my family many times. We believe in Jesus. Every night I read this book to my family and we are telling everyone in the village about Jesus.”

Before the traveler gave Katya the book that shared stories of Jesus’ life, she was unreached. According to Joshua Project, a people group is unreached if it has no local community of believers with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize without outside help. One reason people groups are unreached is because they have no access to Scripture in their language; having God’s Word in their language is foundational.

Because when people — just like Katya — experience God’s Word in a language and format they clearly understand, it changes their lives and their communities.

It’s time that all people not only hear about Jesus, but also experience him through God’s Word.

We invite you to help the words of Jesus come alive for more people like Katya!

*Name changed.