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Repurpose Your Vehicle for Global Impact

  • July 15, 2016
A man smiles as he holds up a Bible

The Burgs’ motorhome lived a good life. They drove it 20,000 miles, and then one day they parked it in their yard, where it waits, with no purpose.

The Millers’ car had an engine issue. When the mechanic told them the cost of repair, they had a dilemma. It was more expensive to fix than to buy another car. Without the repair, selling it felt like more of a hassle than it was worth. So it remains in their garage, with no purpose.

Then there’s Jim. He’s a car guy. He loves to find cars and remodel them. When his daughter needed a car for her final year of college, Jim rose to the challenge. His daughter loved the car, but when she graduated she joined the Marines, and returned the car to Jim. Once again a useful car sits, with no real purpose.

We often hear stories like these from our donors: whether they need space in their yard or garage, or would prefer a tax benefit to selling their vehicle. Donating a vehicle to Wycliffe is a great solution to a common dilemma.

This simple solution has a lasting impact around the globe. One donated car can help print hundreds of copies of Luke for a people group in Uganda. One recreational vehicle can help provide training for believers in India to produce the "JESUS" film, changing lives through the gospel.

Want to give your vehicle a new purpose? Click here to donate your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV to support the work of Bible translation.