Searching For Significance

A seven-day devotional gives us a look at God’s view of his children.

  • December 30, 2016
City scene

We’re all searching for something in life, whether we call it significance, purpose, meaning or otherwise. There’s this innate desire — an unquenchable drive — for our lives to matter, to mean something in the end.

And so we search for something to satisfy that longing. Career, family, accolades, money, prestige — all are attempts to fill that hole within us. But nothing, and no one, can fill that hole or satisfy that longing, apart from God himself.

We invite you to explore with us what the Bible has to say about our search for significance. View God’s plan for your life through a biblical lens and discover his ultimate purpose for us: to bring him glory. 

You can download the complete seven-day devotional at Explore with us what significance looks in each of our lives through the devotional, videos, stories, testimonies and more.