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Shop the Wycliffe Gift Catalog: 5 Gift Ideas that Bring Hope

  • November 9, 2020
2020 Wycliffe Gift Catalog

Transformed. Freed. Reborn. Through Bible translation, people's lives are forever changed as they discover the God who sacrificed everything to save them.

And you’re invited to join God in bringing the hope of the gospel to more people around the world!

This Christmas season, help people encounter the Good News by shopping the Wycliffe Gift Catalog. You’ll find 39 gift options that share the life-changing power of God’s Word with others. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started:

  • Translate John and Matthew in Ukrainian Sign Language — $35

    Sign language translator in studio

    The Deaf community in Ukraine has been marginalized and excluded from society for too long. Now local churches are working to reach the Ukrainian Deaf with the joyous hope of the gospel. By choosing this gift, you’ll further the translation of the Gospels of John and Matthew into Ukrainian Sign Language.

    Produce children’s Bible story videos — $45

    Producing children's Bible story videos

    You can help provide life-changing Bible stories to shape future generations of Steep Mountain Zapotec people. This gift will help create short films of Bible stories using finger puppets and small-scale sets that are sure to delight these children who live in remote mountain communities. This gift helps kids understand more about God and his love for them. And your donation will be matched to double its impact!

    Translate hymns for women in Kenya — $25

    Women in church

    For years, Tugen women had faithfully read the Bible in Kalenjin, a language used throughout their region in Kenya. But as a speaker read a portion of the newly translated Gospel of Luke in Tugen aloud, Scripture touched their hearts like never before. Your gift will empower these women and the Tugen people to worship in their language.

    Sponsor a local translator for one month — $40

    Praying hands

    “It is not in vain, the work that I am doing,” said Jonathan, a local translator in Mexico. “Everything that is done in the translation project is for our people to better understand the Word of God.” Your gift will provide training to translators like Jonathan who are eager to help their communities grow in faith.

    Invest in the ministry of a Wycliffe missionary — Choose your amount

    Missionary family

    The work of Wycliffe goes forward through the ministry of missionaries who are dedicated to the task of translating God’s Word. You can help ensure that dedicated missionaries around the world are able to do the work God has called them to.

We hope you enjoy shopping the catalog, knowing these gifts will help bring God’s Word to those waiting for it in a language and format they understand.

Merry Christmas!

Visit the Wycliffe Gift Catalog to explore these gift options and more!